Bennetts Green Towing Services

Travelling around the Bennetts Green suburb is a definite treat, especially if you love the sight of sunshine and green everywhere. However, your enjoyment can be cut short when your precious car suddenly breaks down while you are driving around. Whether it’s due to a flat tyre or you just ran out of gas, there’s absolutely no need to panic.
Your first instinct – as is everyone’s – should be to first make sure that the area you’re in is safe. Next, you should call a bennetts green towing service to help you out with this problem. With Newcastle Towing and Transport, you’re in safe hands with the multitude of services we offer to all of our customers. You can request for immediate roadside assistance, have our team tow your vehicle or containers for personal or business purposes, and even have your car salvaged or recovered.

Towing Service Hotline

04 0433 0066

Bennetts Green Towing

What to do when you’ve got a flat tyre

As mentioned, the first thing you should do is to calm down and check the area you’ve stopped in. You can ask for help if any Good Samaritan is nearby, but the most reliable way is to immediately contact Newcastle Towing and Transport and take advantage of their towing services.
The nature of our business allows us to be extremely prepared for these kinds of situations. Moreover, if you need a tow truck to transport something for you interstate, or more specialised equipment for certain transference matters, Newcastle Towing and Transport has definitely got you covered.

Bennetts green towing services we offer to our customers

Bennetts Green Towing

Towing companies are not only here to help you carry your vehicles to the nearest service centres. We can also help in other kinds of bennetts green towing services that can make use of our tow trucks and other heavy machinery. Our company boasts of a team that is certainly qualified and practiced, and we’ll never cut you short or give anything less than our full abilities and support.
Our wide array of bennetts green towing services includes the following:

  • General towing services
  • Roadside towing
  • Interstate towing
  • Forklift and machinery towing
  • Truck towing
  • Trade towing
  • Vehicle salvage and recovery
  • Specialty and prestige towing

Rely on Newcastle Towing and Transport

If ever you find yourself in the Bennetts Green towing area, keep Newcastle Towing and Transport in mind. When you encounter any unfortunate circumstance, simply call us on our hotline. You may also contact us to find out more about our services and what we can do for you.

Newcastle Towing and Transport services provides safe and reliable general towing services at a competitive
price. Contact us today for more enquiries or to make a booking!