Bus Transport Newcastle

At one point or another, you’ve had trouble transporting your cars, trucks, or even buses. What’s worse is when you don’t even know who to call during that time of need. For these troubling times, you need a dependable transport service provider with an outstanding record.

If you require towing and transport services around the Newcastle area, remember to contact Newcastle Towing and Transport. We can handle motorcycles, buses up to 20 seaters, boats, and even helicopters. Get in touch with us if you require dependable, timely and efficient service.


You may have various reasons for wanting to transport your car, motorbike, or any used or new vehicles. Regardless of your purpose, we provide you with solutions for your transport problems.

With Newcastle Towing and Transport, distance is not an issue, so don’t let that stop you from reaching out. If you’re anywhere in Newcastle needing interstate towing and transport, we can provide safe transport services Australia-wide.

We have all types of trucks and containers to accommodate transporting a diverse variety of vehicles. You don’t have to worry about your high-end vehicles and vintage cars, because they will stay safe and undamaged. We meet your needs and address your problems with our expert drivers and experienced operators.


From the moment that clients reach out through the hotline or the contact form, we do our best to respond quickly. As a professional service, we understand that time is precious. If you require a quote, we will get back to you as soon as possible, and we won’t leave you waiting and stressing about your transport needs.

We appreciate the time and effort our customers take to contact us, so quick consultation and exchange is essential. A swift response and excellent customer service are the reasons why clients recommend us and contact us again and again. For your urgent needs, you won’t regret relying on our services.


Many clients have concerns about the timing of their transport service and if it will arrive at the destination at the agreed hour. When booking random transport service providers, you may only receive two out of the three crucial facets of transporting: punctuality, security, and safety. It is possible to achieve all three with us as a result of our meticulous planning, and we can prove it.

With Newcastle Towing and Transport, we can coordinate schedules and set agreeable timelines that will be followed through. With good communication between clients and drivers, you can count on getting the quality service that you deserve. We are committed to client satisfaction, and we will respect you and your vehicles.


Transporting buses might be a hassle, but not for us we can accommodate buses up to 20 seaters in size. You need never worry about transporting buses within the Newcastle area because you can rely on our professional services. The safe transport of your vehicle is of the utmost importance to us. We continuously do all we can to provide excellent customer service, so rest assured, we have enough safety measures in place.

Bus transport is not just merely picking it up and dropping it off. It involves a great deal of care and attention to detail. Our skilled drivers have extensive experience and are equipped to handle such endeavours. They are not only knowledgeable about your transport needs, they know their way around Newcastle, ensuring that your bus will be handled with expertise and delivered via the best possible route. Our bus transport services are sure to ease your worries.


Aside from bus transport, you may need general towing, roadside assistance, and vehicle salvage and recovery from time to time. From affordable rates to excellent customer service, Newcastle Towing and Transport has it all. Rely on professionals that are committed to providing solutions. Enquire today for your transport and towing needs in Newcastle!