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Did you buy a new Ferrari that you want delivered to your house? Do you have to get your Jaguar serviced and you want it delivered to the service centre safely? Or perhaps you just want your Bugatti to be transported somewhere?
We at Newcastle Towing and Transport know that you got those cars with your hard-earned money, and promise you that we will do our utmost to get your luxury cars safely to where you want them to be.

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We transport a range of vehicles

Newcastle Towing and Transport can deliver and transport pretty much any type of vehicle that you wish us to. We offer standard towing and transport services that can get your vehicle where it needs to be.

If your vehicles need more specialised modes of transport, we also have the right tools for the job. Suppose that you want your luxury cars or motorbikes transported safely, you can rest assured that we are the right solutions provider. We have the proper equipment and trained professionals to make sure that your items get there scratch-free, damage-free, and in top working condition.

The kind of equipment we use

For luxury or vintage vehicles and motorbikes, we have flatbed trucks and the necessary ramps to make sure that your items are transported as safely as possible. We also have the proper padding equipment and cords for holding vehicles to minimise movement during transport.

Of course, all of this is nothing without trained and experienced professionals. Our staff have the proper training and experience and can assure that your cars are in safe hands.

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Contact a reliable luxury car towing company in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

All we need to know here at Newcastle Towing and Transport is what we’ll be transporting, and a place of pickup and. Just give us a call, and we will arrange the transport for your vehicles.
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