Truck Towing Services

As much as you take good care of your trucks or extra-large vehicles, there will always come a time when such would break down. Make sure that you are ready for that day. Be prepared for the inevitable. Make sure that you experience minimal delays in your business, or whatever deliveries that your truck needs to do. When this time comes and you need help moving your truck to safer place or repair shop, you can trust on Newcastle Towing and Transport to take care of it for you. We can provide truck towing services, assistance and tow your truck quickly and efficiently.

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How our truck towing services work

All that we need to know here at Newcastle Towing and Transport is where your truck is, and where we need to bring it. Do you want it brought to a truck towing service centre for fixing? No problem. Do you want it back at your warehouse? Sure. Just give us a call, and we will tow your truck for you.
Trucks are quite varied in terms of size and weight. We know that your trucks will be loaded most of the time, and we have accounted for that. We have a collection of different equipment that can do the job. For smaller and lighter trucks, we have flatbed trucks for transport. We can also perform truck towing service for the larger, heavier, and more loaded trucks.
If your truck is literally stuck in a ditch or any place that it can’t move from, our company can also provide you with assistance to get it out.

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Contact Newcastle Towing and Transport for all your truck towing needs 

Newcastle Towing and Transport will tow and transport your trucks anywhere within the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area.
We can help. Make sure that the delays to your livelihood are minimised. Contact our team anytime of the day to assist you in moving your truck and trade vehicles safely and securely.

Newcastle Towing and Transport services provides safe and reliable general towing services at a competitive
price. Contact us today for more enquiries or to make a booking!