Vehicle Salvage and Recovery

No matter how carefully we drive, there are just some situations that we can’t avoid that we end up getting stuck in an unpleasant position. Is your car trapped in a ditch and can’t get out? Are you tyre-deep in mud and can’t move? We know how this can be a hassle and being calm can be the last thing you will be. When this happens, make sure to call a reliable Newcastle towing team!
If you need help in transporting your car, or if it’s stuck somewhere and needs a bit of a pull in order to get out, we at Newcastle Towing and Transport can help.

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How does our vehicle salvage and recovery service work?

With our decades of experience, we can assure you that our service is fast and reliable. Just give as a call, and we’ll be where you are in no time. No matter how stuck your car is somewhere, our highly trained professionals will help you evaluate the situation and assess the kind of service that you will need. We will bring in the equipment that we need in order to help you out, then we’ll do our jobs while you sit back and relax.

We at Newcastle Towing and Transport are equipped with the proper tools and machinery to be able to extract stuck vehicles from sticky situations. We have the standard tow trucks for the normal pulling jobs, but we also have more specialised equipment that some situations might demand. For example, if your car is stuck in a cliff somewhere and regular towing will not be enough, then we will bring more specific equipment to help you out.

Contact Newcastle Towing and Transport Services today

Newcastle Towing and Transport can extract vehicles within the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area. Just tell us what situation your car is in and where it is. It would be good if you can send a photo of the situation for initial assessment. Give us a call, and our assessment team will be on its way.

Newcastle Towing and Transport services provides safe and reliable general towing services at a competitive
price. Contact us today for more enquiries or to make a booking!