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The best reasons to hire a towing company for your luxury car transport needs.

Save yourself the trouble of transporting your precious luxury car.

Have you bought your luxury car as an investment or does it hold some other value for you? Whatever your case, it is only reasonable to want to keep it as pristine and beautiful as it can be wherever you might go. Depending on your destination and your reasons for travelling, there are pros and cons to driving your car or having it towed over long distances. If you are planning to move your luxury car to another location, whether travelling to a new home or entering a car show you might want to consider your options before taking your luxury car out for a spin.

The best reasons to hire a towing company for your luxury car transport needs. - towing company

Driving your luxury car.


You might wonder, “Why should I hire a luxury car towing service when I can drive my Porsche myself?” Of course, you can always choose to do that. Driving your pride and joy should be an experience best savoured for the fun of it, but it pays to weigh up some of the real costs of your journey first. Driving can be expensive, and it may be easier to hire a towing company rather than risk any wrong doing with your pride and joy.


Wear and tear.


Avoiding wear and tear is impossible regardless of who drives your car. It is especially true if you are driving your car to another city or state. If there are problems with your car that you want repaired at a specialist some distance from home, driving it may aggravate your car’s condition. If you are going to a car show, it is not advisable to drive your car at all because it can wear out your tyres or possibly cause external scratches, especially if you stop somewhere all the way to fuel up.

The best reasons to hire a towing company for your luxury car transport needs. - towing company

Fuel and cleaning.


Choosing to drive off with the wind on your hair sounds exciting but when you remember most luxury cars run on premium fuel, you may want to think twice about the impact on your pocket before slipping behind the wheel. When you get to your destination, you will soon realise how much more expensive it is to drive it to another state than it might have been to hire a towing service for the job.




While chances are everything will be fine, there is always a possibility something may happen during your journey. If you are driving your luxury car across the state or moving to a distant city, there is increased risk that your car may break down or you might have an accident. Finding the closest available 24/7 service that caters to luxury car towing will mean an inevitable delay. While Newcastle Towing Services are readily available everywhere, there is no certainty a suitable tow truck will be on hand for your luxury car towing emergency.


Transporting your luxury car with a towing company.


Hiring a towing company may be a little costly but considering the investment you have made in your car it is worth it. Here are a few benefits to think about;


Your time and energy.


Driving a luxury car may be cool but if you will be driving it for a move many kilometres away it will be tiring and time-consuming. You already have your hands full with shifting your household items. Whether you have hired a truck to drive back and forth or invested in a moving company, chances are moving your luxury car safely and securely is the last thing on your mind – until you remember you have to make that final haul. The convenience of having booked an experienced towing company gives you peace of mind that someone trustworthy will transport your luxury car at a time convenient to you.

The best reasons to hire a towing company for your luxury car transport needs. - towing company



Hiring a freelance driver or asking another person to take your car to your destination may be cheaper. If this is something you are considering, can you be certain that it is safe and being handled with the best care?


By letting our towing company handle your situation, you can be certain that your car will be transported by our best trained Newcastle towing professionals. No need to worry about mishandling because they are trained not only to tow your car but also to handle it with care.

The best reasons to hire a towing company for your luxury car transport needs. - towing company

Driving costs.


Having your car towed may not be what people have in mind at first but for a long haul it is far less risky than driving your car to your destination or paying a friend to do it. While luxury cars have better engines that help them run smoothly on the road, they come with high fuel and maintenance costs. Owners are often advised to service their luxury vehicle to make sure that everything is clean and undamaged after a long trip. Having your car towed by a reputable luxury car transport reduces this need.


The finish.


If you are worried about getting your new paint job scratched, then a towing service would really suit you. Towing keeps your car safe from scratches, ordinary wear and tear as well as accidents that occur through driving. If you hire a reputable luxury car towing specialist, you will have the comfort of knowing that the towing company is familiar with towing luxury cars. You can be sure that they have the necessary tools and equipment to transport your car to your destination without any problems.


Newcastle Towing and Transport for your luxury car transportation needs.


Avoid the hassle of having to worry about your luxury car by letting Newcastle Towing and Transport handle it! Newcastle Towing and Transport offers 24/7 solutions from personal to commercial transport in an efficient manner and at an affordable price. We always put service, safety and security in mind when handling our customer’s cars. We pride ourselves in the training our staff receive so they can discuss and address your concerns when assisting you with your general or roadside towing needs.


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