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Top 10 Reasons You Should Learn Defensive Driving Skills

Learning defensive driving skills is a must. No matter how great of a driver you are, you can never control the people around you. Many people are awesome drivers, but some get into accidents because of other bad drivers.

As of May, there are already 546 reported road fatalities for 2019. This is 13.3 percent higher than in 2018, which is problematic.

In case of accidents, hiring Newcastle towing services is easy. But it’s always better if you can prevent these accidents. We highly recommend you become a defensive driver.

Here are our top 10 reasons why you should learn defensive driving. Why do you need to pick it up? What benefits do you get from it? Here’s what you need to know.

Benefits of defensive driving

Defensive driving is a set of skills that you learn to evade and protect against collisions. These are set up to save lives and improve your survival rate. What benefits do you get from learning them? Are they worth your time? Read below for the benefits of defensive driving.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Learn Defensive Driving Skills - driving skills

1. It save your life in an emergency situation.

In an emergency, having the right driving skills can be crucial to your survival. You want to evade as many obstacles as possible and swerve to safety. Knowing how to do so can save your life and others as well.

If you’re in a pickle, knowing the right moves can reduce the chances of a crash. You’re able to do the necessary moves to avoid collisions with other drivers. You get out of danger with zero to little injuries.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Learn Defensive Driving Skills - driving skills

2. It helps motorists drive safer.

Before you even involve yourself in a dangerous situation, learning how to become a defensive driver gives you the right instincts. You can read situations better, making you a better, safer motorist on the road.

Learning proper anticipation and having the right reflexes improves road safety for you. If you and others know what to do, the roads can be much safer for everyone.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Learn Defensive Driving Skills - driving skills

3. It saves you money on repairs and insurance.

For people who know how to perform defensive driving, you’ll be happy to know that you’re saving yourself a lot of money. We’re talking about repair costs and even insurance fees.

Sure, there’s trustworthy towing in Newcastle for vehicles. Even then, if you know how to drive defensive, you shouldn’t have this problem. You can save as much as 10 to 20% on possible parts replacement and insurance woes.

4. Enjoy lower insurance premiums.

Speaking of insurance, many defensive drivers can enjoy lower insurance premiums. Many insurance providers will give a discount for certified defensive drivers.

How? To protect their investment, insurance companies want you to be as safe as a driver can be. If you can prove to an insurance agent you’re a safe motorist with your certificate, awesome! They should be happy to cut you out of your premiums when you apply.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Learn Defensive Driving Skills - driving skills

5. You get to master safe driving in bad weather.

Bad weather can be problematic. Your vehicle can move with as little as 6 inches of a flash flood. This can be dangerous to you and your passengers.

Superior defensive skills with your car can help you master proper driving under inclement weather. Such driving skills include driving in slicked roads and wet, slippery conditions. Whether it’s sleet, hail or torrential rain, a superior driver knowledge can help you get home safe.

6. It’s better driving in adverse situations.

Beyond bad weather, Australia is full of adverse conditions. From road mirages, local dust storms to plain night driving, defensive training gives you a good blueprint on what to do.

Defensive driving good helps improve your natural skills. You get more attentive on the road. You even improve your focus to pick which safety techniques to implement.

7. It offers less driving stress and road rage.

Becoming a defensive driver can give you the right type of confidence in yourself. You don’t have to stress too much, thinking you might get into an accident. You also learn how to make the right decisions.

Sometimes, you’ll learn how to communicate with people on the road. You’ll learn how to read driving patterns, call Newcastle towing services if you need it, and even the right time to overtake. Stress-free driving means a better time on the road and fewer chances for road rage.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Learn Defensive Driving Skills - driving skills

8. It lets you get more out of your vehicle.

Much of proper defensive driving comes from improving your basic driving skills. This means that if you have the right defensive training, you can also optimise your use of your vehicle.

Proper driving results into:

  • less wear and tear
  • better fuel economy
  • more mileage out of your car parts

Proper car handling can help save you money further by prolonging the life of your vehicle.

9. It reduces your traffic violation points.

If you have an existing traffic violation, you’ll likely get some points into your ticket. The last thing you want are fines or a license suspension, so how can you make things better?

Becoming a defensive driver allows you to recoup some demerit points. This gives you more leeway on the road before you get to a traffic ticket.

Your local courts may also force this on you anyway if they see you’re a bad driver. You might as well take it and be happy they’re trying to get you out of the slammer!

10. It can make you a better, more competent driver.

Driver competence is crucial on the road. Beyond the potential of getting out of accidents, defensive driving skills give you a proper understanding of the road. Being able to drive vehicles is a privilege.

You want to drive without endangering everybody else. It’s everyone’s responsibility to each other to make sure their fellow motorists are safe. Gaining these valuable skills do that.

If you get yourself on a safe side of the road and get a breakdown, there’s always towing in Newcastle that can help.

In case of accidents or car breakdown, contact a reliable Newcastle towing company.

When it comes to learning defensive driving, it is a must that you learn them. The benefits of becoming a defensive driver are clear cut. You owe it to everyone to become a safe driver on the road.

If you find yourself stuck, you can always call the local Newcastle towing services to help. Whether it’s an accident or need some roadside assistance, talk to a representative and ask for 24-hour roadside towing.