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Types of Tow Trucks

what are the different types of tow trucks and what are they used for?

Your car suddenly breaks down while driving down the freeway. You are stuck on the side of the road, between two exits, who do you call?

A tow-truck service is undoubtedly a godsend for you when it finally comes by and hauls your car back to town. Tow trucks are an industry all on its own in Australia and is a necessary part of everyday life. There are four main types of tow trucks used in everyday operations. Each is different and is used for various purposes. These are the types of tow trucks typically used in the towing service industry.

Types of Tow Trucks -

Wheel-Lift Tow Truck

This type of tow truck is one of the most popular in many countries because it is inexpensive. The wheel-lift tow truck consists of a metal yoke and chain and is hooked under the rear or front of the car. A hydraulic lift is used to suspend the front or rear wheels and then towed. This type of tow truck is convenient for many tow truck companies, but it is not as safe and secure when compared to a flatbed tow truck.

The wheel-lift tow truck is an all-purpose vehicle which can be used to tow any time of light and even on completely totalled cars. The only problem with this type of tow truck is that it is not completely secure, and the yoke used to connect the vehicle may occasionally damage or scratch the car while in transit.

Types of Tow Trucks -

Flatbed Tow Truck

The flatbed is the most sought-after tow truck type for transporting vehicles. The flatbed is a long truck with an open platform where vehicles could rest while towed. Most flatbeds have a hydraulic ramp so that cars can drive onto the platform or pulled by chains. It is then secured and then transported with ease. The flatbed is perfect for transporting vehicles of value, and cars that suffer breakdowns as well.

The benefit of flatbed tow trucks is that the vehicle can rest on top of the platform while in transit. It reduces the chances of damage and scratches when towing a vehicle. Also, on flatbeds, your car is safer while on the road. Using flatbeds to transport cars has less hassle, and thus saves time.

Types of Tow Trucks -

Integrated Tow Truck

The integrated tow truck is specialised equipment, typically used to tow heavy vehicles such as vans, trucks and buses. This tow truck is built for strength, with added axles for stability for towing heavy vehicles. It also has a strengthened arm which is embedded straight at the core of the vehicle, making it stable.

Types of Tow Trucks -

Hook and Chain Tow Truck

Hook and chain tow trucks are rugged towing machines used to tow all kinds of vehicles. As this type of tow truck uses a hook and chain, it is usually used for hauling totalled or wrecked cars. It has since lost popularity for towing undamaged cars as it scratches the sides of the vehicle and can damage the chassis of the car due to the hook.

Types of Tow Trucks -

Boom Tow Truck

The last kind of tow truck is called a boom. It is a standard towing truck with a mounted boom as the primary method of towing vehicles. The boom is perfect for pulling cars out of hard to reach places such as creeks, canals or over embankments or entrenchments. The mobile crane is ideal for roadside emergencies, and as such is used where a regular tow truck may not have direct access to the car.

Types of Tow Trucks -

Benefits of Tow Trucks

Road Safety Essential

Accidents are the most common emergencies on national roadways. Roadway management needs to have a fleet of tow trucks that are ready to respond to various kinds of emergencies. A typical roadways authority has all types of tow trucks to handle different types of vehicles, ranging from light 4-wheels to buses and big rigs. Tow trucks are among the essentials for roadways authorities to properly function in the course of their daily duties. In Australia, it is particularly common for tow trucks to be outsourced to private companies by the roadway authorities.

Immediate help during emergencies

No matter how safety-oriented you are on the road, you may encounter a breakdown and thus need immediate help. Roadside emergency teams often have tow trucks in their roster of vehicles to help people in need. With tow trucks, you will never fear to leave your car stranded as you hitch a ride to town to find help.

An efficient method for transporting vehicles

Tow trucks are not only used to haul broken down vehicles, but are also used to transport cars from one point to another. Credible towing services employ staff with proper training in handling towing procedures. You are assured that your vehicle is handled correctly.

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