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What are the Other Uses of Tow Trucks?

Learn the many uses of a Newcastle tow truck.

Vehicles break down due to many reasons. They can break down on the road, in a parking lot or in front of the owner’s home. These indisposed vehicles need transport to an auto repair shop for repair or salvage. Tow trucks are used to move cars that are either disabled, improperly parked, indisposed and impounded.


The uses of tow trucks are not limited to providing roadside assistance. Their uses span from the transport of cars, heavy equipment, property, and trade goods. Tow trucks are built tough to carry heavy loads without breaking down. They are also heavy-duty vehicles that can cover all-terrain applications.


Are you thinking of hiring a towing service? Knowing the types of tow trucks and how they are commonly used helps you to assess which towing vehicle will suit your needs and requirements.


Types of tow trucks and their common uses

There are four types of tow trucks, and your choice will depend on your needs. Each variety of tow truck has a dedicated use and purpose.


What are the Other Uses of Tow Trucks? - tow truck

Flatbed tow trucks

Flatbed tow trucks are the most used towing vehicles. They feature a long, empty bed and a flat top. The flatbed moves upwards and downwards through a hydraulics system.


It is easy to deploy and that makes it widely used. A vehicle that needs towing can simply move up the ramp or it can be pulled up. Choose these tow trucks to transport vehicles that experience any problems on the road. Flatbeds are sometimes referred to as Rollback or Slide tow trucks.

What are the Other Uses of Tow Trucks? - tow truck

Integrated tow trucks

Integrated tow trucks are best designed for heavy-duty towing. Designed with the towing arm embedded further into the truck body and with additional axles that provide improved strength and stability, these trucks are ideal for moving buses, construction vehicles and big rigs. Integrated tow trucks are also known as Self-Loader, Snatcher, Quick Pick, and Repo Truck.


Hook and chain tow trucks

These tow trucks are for moving all kinds of vehicles. Although widely used in the past, Hook and Chain tow trucks are no longer common as they apply a lot of pressure on the towed vehicle. The chain can also scratch and damage the vehicle. This type of tow truck is only recommended for transporting wrecked cars for salvaging parts. However, it is not recommended for 4WD vehicles as they can damage the vehicle’s drivetrain.

What are the Other Uses of Tow Trucks? - tow truck

Wheel-lift tow trucks

These types of tow trucks are a bit similar to hook and chain tow trucks. The difference is that they use a metal yoke in place of a hook and chain, reducing the risk of damaging the towed vehicle. These inexpensive tow trucks, however, are not as safe as flatbed tow trucks.


Other uses of tow trucks

Most tow trucks are owned and operated by private businesses that offer roadside assistance. Aside from roadside assistance, tow trucks have many applications and can assist you in other ways. Roads and Traffic authorities also own tow trucks for use on toll roads and highways.

What are the Other Uses of Tow Trucks? - tow truck

Transport of prestige and luxury vehicles

If you bought a new Ferrari or Jaguar, you would want it to be delivered to your garage safely without a scratch. A tow truck is a good option for safely transporting luxury vehicles to where you want them. Ask for a Flatbed tow truck with specialised ramps for luxury cars as properly padding equipment and cords help hold your vehicle in place, to reduce the risk of damage while in transit.

What are the Other Uses of Tow Trucks? - tow truck

Interstate move and transfer

If you are moving into a new state, a reliable towing service may be what you need. You can safely take your car and other belongings with you, such as furniture, through a towing service. You can also use a towing service to move other vehicles like boats, jet skis, and other machinery.


A dependable towing service knows the worth of your property. You shouldn’t have to worry about them during your move. It allows you to focus on the other aspects of your transfer.


Transfer of forklifts and other machinery

Transport of machinery and heavy equipment need special handling for the safety of the equipment and people moving them. Careless handling of these types of machinery can be devastating and can result in loss of life and property.


Flatbed tow trucks can be used to safely move them. Forklifts have wheels, but you cannot just drive one across the city. A towing service can safely transport them for you.

What are the Other Uses of Tow Trucks? - tow truck

Transport of shipping containers

Are you moving to a new home interstate? Are you expanding your business and opening a new branch across the country? Most people who need to transport products, furniture, and other belongings use a shipping container.


Shipping containers keep your property safe and secured from weather elements. A tow truck can then move these shipping containers. A reliable towing service can ensure that your belongings arrive at their destination safely. Most towing services can also pick them up for you.


Transport of raw materials and finished products

Logistics is vital to every business owner. You would want your raw materials and finished products to be safely transferred from place to place. Tow trucks have a high capacity and can carry heavy loads. They provide an efficient means for your business’ logistics.

What are the Other Uses of Tow Trucks? - tow truck

Recovery of stranded vehicles

Vehicles can become stranded for many reasons, such as inclement weather conditions or an accident. Use a tow truck for the recovery of these vehicles. Even the military uses them for stranded vehicle recovery.


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