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What is Vehicle Salvaging?

Circumstances covering vehicle salvaging

Salvaging is the act of recovering goods and items after the onset of a disaster or accident. This can include recruiting the use of a quality towing company to recover your vehicle and get it to either a mechanic or smash repairer where the damage of your vehicle can be assessed. The mechanic or smash repairer will assess your vehicle and determine whether the vehicle is ‘salvageable’ or a ‘total loss’.

When your vehicle is involved in an accident, the resulting value is measured by the percentage of damaged incurred. This is determined by your insurance company working with your smash repairer or mechanic. When the damage is above 75 per cent and if it reaches as high as 90%, the vehicle is usually considered a total loss. However, if the damage is less than 75%, then the car is salvageable, and you can still recover a portion of the vehicle’s value.  Every type of vehicle that suffered any damage to a considerable scale will have the label “Salvage Title.”

What is Vehicle Salvaging? -
Types of Damages

There are a few types of damages your vehicles may incur when you are either stranded or caught in unforeseen circumstances. An analysis of the situation will determine if you need the assistance of salvage and recovery experts. These kinds of damages are listed below:

Vehicular Accident

When a vehicle suffers a crash, an assessment is made to its level of damage. When the damage is severe enough but not completely lost, then it will be labelled as ‘salvageable’. In the event of an accident, if the car is undrivable, a towing company is usually called to recover the vehicle

Flood Damage

This includes all forms of damages suffered by a vehicle during a flood. Typically, cars that get damaged by floods will gain the salvage title. Similar to vehicle accidents, cars that are damaged by flood waters are usually undrivable and they need to be recovered by a towing company to transport them to the appropriate repairer.


A car is considered “totalled” when it has incurred damage, which costs more in repairs than the value of the vehicle itself. These cars are often labelled as non-replaceable. Non-repairable titles, on the other hand, are vehicles that couldn’t be repaired whatsoever. In some communities, cars with this kind of damage are not allowed to be repaired and are often sold to a scrapyard. These vehicles don’t get a “salvage title” though you can salvage its usable parts. Generally, cars that are totalled are towed to scrapyards or alike and their salvageable parts can be removed and on sold.

What is Vehicle Salvaging? -

Buying Vehicles with Salvage Titles

People generally buy cars with salvage titles because they are cheap. People may have a hard time getting a car loan and need a vehicle for everyday transport. Used car shops offer cars with salvage titles at a significantly lowered price, thus popular for the thrifty consumer in need of wheels.  However, before you buy this kind of vehicles with a checkered past, you should keep in mind the pros and cons of buying salvaged vehicles.

Salvage cars are primarily vehicles that have incurred damage in the course of its use and are sold by the owner because its repair cost is too high. Salvage cars can be an excellent option for people, only if they know how to spot a deal or not.

What is Vehicle Salvaging? -

Tips on Buying Vehicles with Salvage Titles

Check the purchase details
When you are opting to buy salvage title vehicles, check first its purchase details and history. You should check its insurance if it is covered, though in many cases insurance companies are not fond of covering these kinds of vehicles. You should also check its registration if it is still valid or not.


Calculate the price

Check the price if it is worth it or not. Salvage title vehicles are those whose repair costs far exceed its sale price. So, if you want to buy second hand, salvage title vehicles, you should do some math and calculate to see if you’re getting a deal or you’re paying more than you should. As a rule, the price of a salvage car is roughly 60% of the original car’s model, sold with a clean title.

Check everything

Buying salvage title cars is buying someone else’s worn-down vehicle. Due to this, you should check everything and see if you’re going to spend more on post-payment repairs or not. Unless the car is a fancy collectible, if you’ll be paying more on repairs, opt-out and buy a brand-new car.

Rely on your car skills

If you are a mechanic and cars are your hobby, then salvage car titles are one of your options. However, if you’re not that keen on tinkering cars, then it is a whole different story.  Buying salvage title cars means a ton of maintenance done by either you or a mechanic which will add cost to owning such a vehicle.

Check if it is not stolen.

Some vehicles sold in used car shops have histories that may end up with you being investigated by the police. Stolen cars or cars involved in instances of law violation are usually tracked by law enforcement. You must have its license checked in your country’s car registry if it is flagged in their system or not.

What is Vehicle Salvaging? -
Do you need towing services for a salvaged vehicle or are you stranded?

Salvaging refers to unpleasant situations where cars are stuck and cannot be recovered by normal means. This could include being stranded in a ditch on the side of the road or stuck in mud off road. Expert towing services are required for such situations. If you are stranded and need the assistance of expert towing services, look no further than Newcastle Towing and Transport. If you need help transporting your car, or if its stuck somewhere and needs a bit of pulling power, Newcastle Towing and Transport can help. Contact them today.