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Why Container Transport is Ideal When Moving

Moving to a new place, or clearing out your apartment for a move out of state, is a stressful and costly time in one’s life. Whether you’re moving to a different state, returning to your old home, or simply transporting all your equipment, a good solution to your moving concerns is a shipping container and container transport service.

Using a shipping container to store and move all your belongings, including equipment and furniture, can help you save on costs. Plus, this less conventional and more modern method has plenty of other benefits. With the right support, like a good transport company, you can get all the benefits of container transport for moving.

Here are some of the reasons why container transport is ideal when moving.

Save money and reduce moving costs

Moving takes up a lot of resources, from time and money to effort. Making the process more cost-efficient should be a priority.

Compared to renting a truck, or to hiring a full-service moving company, using a container transport for moving is more affordable. Done correctly, it is less expensive than hiring a full-service mover. After all, professional movers often charge by distance and weight.

With container transport, you have full control over how much you can put inside the container you rented. Professional movers and door-to-door movers also add labour you’ll have to pay for.

When money plays such a huge factor on how much you can move, it creates a big limitation on what of your possessionsyou can keep. If you can only afford the service of professional movers up to a certain weight, you’ll have to cut corners on what you can store. Many people are forced to sell off their valuables or to leave them behind their own homes.

The alternative of renting a truck can be cheaper than hiring professional movers, but it is also less efficient. To fully get all belongings moved, most people have to go for multiple trips at a time. This is a costly option in terms of time, effort, and even truck fuel.

To sum up, a portable storage container is the most efficient solution. There’s no need to hire a professional mover or two, or to waste time on multiple trips. You can pack up your 2-bedroom home and go in a single trip, all at lesser cost.

Get flexibility in your moving timeline

With a container transport, you can move at your own pace. You don’t have to keep coordinating with professional movers, or limit yourself to a 1-day truck rental.

You can fill the container at your own pace. After you’ve filled it up, you can call a towing and transport company to collect your container and deliver it to your destination. Once you’re at your destination, you can take your time to unpack the container, then you can call for the shipping container to be picked up.

This option is truly convenient. You can do it over the weekend, without having to deal with long waiting lines or with internal company scheduling.

Store or move your belongings according to your needs

A 20-ft container can fit the furnishings of most two-to-three-bedroom homes. You can get smaller containers for transporting small equipment, collections, or select furniture. The right shipping container can be rented to meet your needs.

Aside from fitting all your belongings, container transport also gives you the flexibility in moving or storing your belongings. With a shipping container, you automatically have a place to store your furnishings before, during, and after the move. It’s a 2-in-1 moving and storage solution, making it perfect for people who don’t want to move their belongings twice.

If you don’t have your new place locked down yet, you can hire a container transport service to move your container to a storage unit near your block or besides your new building. You don’t have to immediately unload the container if you still need to store your belongings somewhere else.

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Increased security for your belongings

Moving with a professional moving company can carry its own risks. People can be careless, and items can go missing going from one place to another. Likewise, moving your things with a truck is also difficult.

Physical security when transporting everything you own on top of a truck can be tricky, with your belongings more exposed to the environment or bumping against each other. Most containers come equipped with equipment to tie down appliances and large items. 

With a container transport, you’ll be fully in control of the padlock key. Just ensure that you have a lock box that covers the padlock to prevent or deter any attempted burglaries.

Exclusive load and transport

When you rent a shipping container and hire a container transport service, you can rest easy that the only priority in the move are your things. Unlike professional moving companies which share loads with other clients, the transport is fully focused on your belongings alone.

Moving with other clients can lead to loss of property or delays in the timeline. With container transport, you pack only your goods and get only your things on the road.

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Get the benefits of container transport with Newcastle Towing and Transport

In summary, using a container transport is ideal when moving because of the following benefits:

  • Efficient door-to-door service with your full control
  • Cost-efficient service with more savings
  • Flexibility in choosing when to load, move, and unload
  • 2-in-1 move and storage options
  • Better security for your belongings during the move

Newcastle Towing and Transport helps provide all of these services through container transport. Aside from helping people move their belongings across the state or out of it, Newcastle Towing and Transport also provides 24/7 general towing services, roadside towing and assistance, forklift and machinery towing and vehicle salvage and recovery.

If you want to move your vehicle across the state, we also provide specialty and prestige towing. For complete solution for all of your towing and moving needs, contact us today!